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THK Lubricating oil AFC

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THK Lubricating oil AFC
Product Name: THK Lubricating oil AFC
Part Number: 125158416
Product Notes:

Product Description

The AFC from Grease , THK lubricant because of its special additives and urea thickener , with micro-vibration , high resistance to wear , corrosion, and the use of high-grade synthetic base oil .

A . Characteristics: high resistance to fretting corrosion , THK AFC Grease is designed for the prevention of fretting corrosion with a high degree of validity .
Long life : commonly used in metal lubrication of the soap grease of THK grease the AFC from Grease surface excellent in oxidation stability , so prolonged use , thus reducing the maintenance work .
(3) wide temperature range : the use of high-grade synthetic base oil , the lubrication performance in a wide range of -54 ° C to +177 ° C to maintain excellent condition within the wide range of both maintaining excellent condition .


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