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    Shenzhen Jia Wan xing Electronics Co.,Ltd.(http://www.smtyamaha.com) a full range of professional sales YAMAHA Mounter equipment acchttp://essories。Professional YAMAHA SMT machine the equipment origin Accessories,YAMAHA feeder,YAMAHA nozzle,YAMAHA suction lever, YAMAHA sensor,YAMAHA cylinder,YAMAHA screw,YAMAHA NOZZLE lever,YAMAHA cotton filters,YAMAHA cylinder,YAMAHA rails,YAMAHA slider,YAMAHA belt,YAMAHA seals,YAMAHA motor,YAMAHA camera,YAMAHA solenoid valve,YAMAHA the vacuum test board,YAMAHA tanks chain,YAMAHA board,YAMAHA drive NSK dedicated maintenance lubricants,YAMAHA white seal oil,YAMAHA vibration fly reached,YAMAHA feeder parts。
   YAMAHA mounter equipment to provide professional,technical support,repair and maintenance of the integration of the company,the company has more than YAMAHA senior engineers and sales staff have years of professional YAMAHA SMT machine equipment,software,installation,commissioning,maintenance,service,and other rich practical experience。
  YAMAHA SS  8mm,1216mm,24mm,32mm,44mm,56mm,72mm,88mm,104mm Feeders
   YAMAHA SS  8mm,1216mm,24mm,32mm,44mm,56mm,72mm,88mm,104mm Feeders
   YAMAHA CL  0201mm 8x2mm,8×4mm,12mm16mm,24mm,32mm,44mm,56mm,72mm Feeders
   YAMAHA FS2 8×2mm,8×4mm Feeders
   YAMAHA FT  8×2mm,8×4mm Feeders

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